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Recycle your "Rags" for Hospice!

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Donating to Hospice is an easy choice for clothes and textiles that are still presentable, but what about those that are far past their prime? Well, we have just the answer!

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How do I donate my rags?

Donating your rags is completely FREE and could not be easier! Simply follow these 4 easy steps to donate your rags and support our Hospice.

You can download our 4 step guide here!


Collect and sort your rags - the clothes, bedding and textiles that can't be sold in our shops due to defects like rips, broken zips, missing buttons etc. Please no duvets or any items with stains.


Your rags should be bagged separately from your normal donations. Please use your own bags for this.


Donations accepted at the Hospice Superstore from Tuesday – Saturday, 10am – 4pm. Please DO NOT leave any donations outside the Superstore or on any other days or times.


Hospice receives funds per tonnage of rags to help continue providing services FREE OF CHARGE. The rags are sorted, re-used and recycled to support developing nations and help protect our environment.

What is a "Rag"?

Rags are your clothing, bedding and textile donations that can't be sold in our shops due to defects like rips, broken zips, missing buttons etc.

To you the items may be no longer useable or wearable, but to us here at the Hospice Superstore we can sell these items to textile recyclers, which helps us raise vital funds for our Hospice.

So, when you come across something which is no longer useable or wearable, please donate your rags to our Hospice.

Sorry but we cannot accept duvets or any items with stains.

Why should I donate my "Rags" to Hospice?

Last year your rag donations helped us raise an incredible £44,866 for our Hospice, but did you know that's not all donating your rags supports?


Each year thousands of tonnes of clothing, shoes and household textiles are discarded by every one of us. By donating your rags to Hospice not only does this help us raise vital funds, but helps support people in developing nations as well as protecting our environment too!

How does this work?

Your rags will be collected and sent to a national textile recycling centre where they will be sorted, recycled and sent to be re-used in the developing nations of Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe.

By donating your unsaleable clothes, bedding and textiles, you are helping to reduce the amount of materials going to landfill, thus contributing significantly to not only our recycling targets, but protecting our global environment.

A community effort!

Working in partnership with people and businesses within our community is very important to us at Hospice, and we would like to extend our sincere thanks to those who contribute towards and support our rag scheme!

Kindly supported by


With huge thanks to Manx Independent Carriers for the supply of a container, and Robinson's Isle of Man for the use of space for the container.

For more information on our rag scheme, please call our Hospice Superstore on 01624 615055

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